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What are the sources of stem cells?

Generally the stem cells can be acquired from three main sources.
Adult stem cells: It involves use of stem cell derived from bone marrow, peripheral blood and some tissues.

Embryonic stem cells:  These cells are derived from inner cell mass of blastocyst. They fertilize and divide into different cells.

Human Umbilical Cord: Human Umbilical cord stem cells are derived from Wharton's Jelly of Umbilical cord. These cells are having fetal characteristics and do not poses surface antigens, hence they do not induce graft versus host rejection phenomenon.

Why are stem cells used in medical research?
Stem cells may be the key to a new generation of treatments for many diseases. Embryonic stem cells could be used to create new tissue or organs for patients awaiting a transplant. They could also be used to repair malfunctioning cells in the body. For example, stem cells could be used to repair neurological cells in patients with Alzheimer's or Parkinson's, or to create new bone marrow for people suffering from leukemia.

What is the procedure for stem cell therapy?
The extracted material is sent to stem cell based biological laboratory. During processing the stem cells are separated according to the International Quality Control protocol. These stem cells are introduced in the body to reach the damaged part and work accordingly.
The stem cells can be introduced by intravenous route or intrathecally or intraarterial or intralesional route.

What examinations and investigations are to be performed before the therapy?

A few primary blood investigations along with some Radiological investigations according the diseases are conducted. These help to understand the chronic of the disease and provide detailed information.

How long does the patient needs to stay at the clinic?
The patient is required to stay for 2-3 hours per session. The interval between two sessions varies from one month to six months as per the doctorís discretion. However the period between sessions and number of sessions depends on the condition of the patient and severity of the disease.
What amount of results/ progress can be expected from stem cell therapy?
As per our experience till date the expected results are surprisingly very good. After each subsequent session condition of patient becomes better and better. It should be noted that efficacy of the treatment varies for each patient depending on the nature and the severity of disease.
How many treatments are needed/ given?
Generally 3-4 treatments are given. If more are needed the doctors will address you about it during the 1 appointment.

Can the other treatments be taken at the same time?
Ideally before going ahead with the therapy we review the medication which the patient is already following. After the review medical decision regarding what should be included and eliminated from patientís regimen during the treatment is decided on an individual basis.
Are there any known side effects of the therapy?
Till date out of all patients treated at Antan Health Research Centre  have not reported any side effects other than temporary pain at the site or sometime mild fever or headache during first 2-3 days which subsidizes gradually itself.
Are any nutritional supplements/ medications taken along with stem cell treatment?
Depending upon the condition, you may be prescribed nutritional supplements that will enhance the benefits of stem cell therapy. Such prescriptions will be made on an individual basis, after scrutinizing the patientís condition.
Does drinking or smoking affect the therapy?
Alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking both be detrimental to the new progenitor stem cells. Hence it is advisable that patients do not smoke or drink during first three weeks after the treatment. And for the patients of Liver Cirrhosis the alcohol and smoking both are to be totally stopped, otherwise there is no any use of this therapy.

What is the estimated cost for the treatment?
This therapy is provided for about 20,000 Ė 30,000 dollars in foreign countries. However ANTAN HEALTH RESEARCH CENTRE provides this therapy for a very reasonable cost so that it can be affordable for majority of patients.

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